Do you provide every-other-day visits for cats?  

No, and we highly advise against them.  In our combined, extensive experience with cats, we are aware of several instances where a young, apparently healthy cat was in a critical state only a day later.  We are committed to providing every pet in our care the most exceptional and loving care available, with a constant eye to their state of physical and emotional health; therefore, all cats in our care must be seen at least once per day.

Can you board my pet in your home?

No.  Unfortunately, our staff are neither equipped nor insured to board pets in their private homes.  Further, we have found the vast majority of companion animals fare far better physically and emotionally in their own, familiar surroundings than elsewhere, particularly when separated from their humans.  In the rare event we believe a pet would fare better in a boarding facility, we are happy to provide referrals to quality, local kennels.

My dog is to be crated when unsupervised in my home.  What sort of care arrangements do you suggest?

For crated dogs, we recommend overnight service with a midday break.  At a minimum, we require otherwise-crated dogs to be seen a minimum of three times each, 45 minutes per visit, with the service period not to exceed four days.  We otherwise recommend crated dogs that cannot be provided this schedule be left in the care of a reputable kennel.  Again, we are happen to provide referrals, if needed.

Is there an additional charge for medication/injection/fluid administration?

No.  We believe the maintenance of your pet's health - emotional as well as physical - is our most basic responsibility to them.  Dependent upon their needs, we may require additional visit time, but no administration fee.

My pet is fearful or aggressive towards strangers.  Will you be able to care for them?

Although we cannot care for aggressive animals (or those that display any signs of aggression during our consultation visit), we are extremely proud of our success rate with fearful pets.  Only a very few have failed to become great friends with our sitters.  If, after a time, we deem your pet truly and irrevocably fearful of us, we would limit the amount of time in your home to that required to provide your pet's basic needs (food, water, litter, etc.).

Can my friend/relative provide some of my pet's care?

No.  Our staff must be fully entrusted with all necessary care.  Should someone wish to visit with your pet during your absence, arrangements must be made with us in advance and  limited to companionship. 

Should my pet experience a medical issue during your care, how will it be handled?

As part of our contract, all clients are required to complete a veterinary authorization form which provides us the ability to act as your pet's temporary guardian for the purposes of seeking and approving treatment.

No matter the extent of the issue, all reasonable attempts will be made to contact and make you aware of the problem.  Should your pet need to be seen by their normal or an emergency veterinarian, you would be responsible for your sitter's time (as outlined on our "Services" page), as well as all veterinary costs.

My pet is used to having free access to the outdoors.  Can you accommodate this? 

We do not permit any free access to the outdoors during our period of care.  Any cat or dog doors must be securely latched for the duration.  Dogs with securely fenced yards are permitted to play and run free in these areas under the supervision of their sitter.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks (made payable to "Fur Feather Fin") and credit cards through PayPal (  You need not have a PayPal account to use this service.

What are your cancellation policies?

There is no charge for services cancelled 72 hours in advance of the start date.

Services cancelled between 24-72 hours of start will incur a charge of 25% of the total service (maximum fee $50.00).

Services cancelled less than 24 hours before start will incur a charge of 50% of the total service (maximum fee $100.00).

The above policy applies to both intermittent and recurring care (ie. weekly dog walking), however in the case of recurring care, the "total service" period consists of one day of usual care.

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